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MEDIC First Aid

MEDIC First Aid is a worldwide leader in CPR/AED and first aid emergency care training programs for business, industry, and the public.

MEDIC First Aid training programs have been used to teach and certify emergency care and first aid providers since 1978. For more information on the MEDIC First Aid brand visit

Course Description

Day 1 & 2: Core Topics for BasicPlus CPR and First Aid for Adults 

•   Responding to emergencies, basic life-support skills, CPR for cardiac arrest

•   Control of bleeding, managing shock, foreign body airway obstruction

•   Warning signs of serious illness, swollen, painful, deformed limb

Day 3: Additional First Aid Topics

•   Moving patients, amputations, burns, exposure to heat,

•   Injuries to the chest (including gunshot wound) and injuries to the eyes

This 3-day course includes all required training materials, certified instructor, and 2-year international certificates in Medic Basic Plus First Aid and CPR & AED.



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